While metals like steel and iron are some of the most durable materials on earth, rust, scratches, impact, weather, and age related damage often build up over time. Powder coating can protect your metal piece, so it will last for years to come. The first thing we do is examine the item, to determine the extent of the damage, and to decide on a plan of action. We’ll let you know if it is possible to powder coat your item, and we’ll give you an estimate for the process. From metal lawn furniture that has seen too many winters outside, to that original mailbox, we can revive a wide assortment of metal items. Keep in mind, we rarely disassemble or reassemble your pieces. Don’t hesitate to stop by, or give us a call, if you have a metal item that you would like to powder coat and restore.

We can protect just about any metal item
with our unique powder coating process.